There are certain distinct differences, and indeed advantages in buying a newly built property from an established builder.

Construction Warranties

When clients buy in the second hand market there are generally no warranties as to the condition of the property. Once the price is paid the buyer effectively accepts the property in whatever condition it is in – and cannot claim against the seller should some defect show up in the property after the date of entry.

However – buying a new house from an established builder who is registered with the National House Building Council – does give the buyer guarantees re the quality of construction. In simple terms for 10 years the property is guaranteed against major defects, and for two years against minor defects.  What is even better is that the buyer need not rely on the builder voluntarily dealing with defects over that period – the NHBC can step and have the work done should defects arise.  For full details of the NHBC insurance cover visit their website at

Certainty of Price

The buying process from a builder is easier in many ways as opposed to buying second hand. In the second hand market often buyers are in competition with others and can be outbid. This process can be a little upsetting for buyers – who may have to agonise over the price to be offered and at the end of the day have nothing to show for their efforts.  . Contrast this with buying new – where usually a small deposit provisionally secures the property – and gives the buyer a reasonable time – usually a fortnight – to get the mortgage in place, see a solicitor and then conclude the contract.

Lower continuing costs

This is usually most noticeable in heating costs – more efficient modern building methods result in better insulation and modern heating systems are often very efficient. Sometimes dramatically reduced heating prices per square metre are noticed.

New properties are obviously likely to need much less maintenance than old, and as well as that modern materials are often easier to source and cheaper that that required for older properties.

Offers, deals, and assistance to move.

Many builders try to make the buying and selling process easier for clients. Some will offer a part exchange deal, whereby they buy the property of the person buying from them – thus making the move less stressful and more certain for the buyer. Others offer assistance in moving costs for example buy subsidizing the Estate Agency costs of the buyer in selling his or her own property.  Watch out also for price discounts and other offers from builders – particularly towards the end of the calendar year when sales slow down – or towards the end of building on a particular development.  Great bargains can be had.

Lifestyle issues

Like everything, house design has improved over the years.  Many modern properties display some of the most modern architectural ideas, with open space living,  integral storage,  cleverly designed lighting, ensuites,  state of the art kitchen and bathroom facilities quite common.  Modern architects seek an integrated approach to family living with many of their designs.    For many this simply makes for a more functional living space designed to adapt to the modern lifestyle.

Customization and  Design Input.

Gone are the 1960’s days when you could have any colour of bathroom suite from your new builder as long as it was white!   Most developers now build many houses to order after conclusion of missives, as opposed to building the entire estate and hoping to sell when complete.  This flexibility means that nowadays buyers often have huge range of options to choose from.  These can include décor, kitchen and bathroom fittings, other units and in some cases internal layout choices.  So buyers have a real chance to create things just as they want – to have a real input into what their dream home actually is like.


As with the house – so with the garden.  Because buyers start with an empty page so to speak they can design a garden fitting in with their lifestyle and requirements.  In the past the “minimal maintenance  “ garden just did not exist.  Now however new materials plants and ideas can all be chosen when buying new – allowing the creation of a bespoke garden  fitting in with the needs of the buyer.