Central Scotland - Alive and Exciting

Scotland is a big country - yet most of the population live in the corridor little more than forty miles deep - known as the central belt.

Earlier in this century this area was a major part of the UK's massive industrial heartland, with huge numbers employed in Shipbuilding, Iron founding, steel production and mining. As these industries declined so perhaps did the confidence of the Central Scots, and a period of stagnation seemed to follow the closure of these industries. That has all changed as we enter the 21st century and now this region is vibrant with innovation and its people confident outgoing and forward looking. A new parliament, new industries, new immigrants, new universities, new opportunities all seem to work together to make this one of the UK's most exciting regions. So confidence and success is flowing back to Central Scotland - and it is no surprise now that more and more people are coming to realise that this is a wonderful area in which to live and work.

It’s all here in the Central Belt of Scotland.  We look forward to seeing you!